Interlock Hearings


The state of New Hampshire takes every DWI seriously. Law enforcement and state regulators have no interest in appearing soft on driving under the influence – an attitude that can prove frustrating when you are trying to defend yourself from such charges. If you are convicted of a DWI in New Hampshire it’s common to be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle. Sometimes your license depends on installing the interlock and other times it’s voluntary. Either way, it’s becoming a widely used penalty for this type of conviction.


What the Law Says about Interlock

New Hampshire law now requires ignition interlocks for all people convicted of Aggravated DWI or Subsequent Offense DWI. Moreover, the law gives the Department of Safety the discretion to order the interlock to ANY person convicted of DWI regardless of the offense or breath test result. This means that even if the court does not require you to install the interlock the department of safety can still bring you in for a hearing and order the interlock for a minimum of one (1) year. Attorney Howie has represented countless individuals in this situation and has even tailored his plea discussions to include language that the interlock is not recommended by the Judge and/or the police prosecutor.

The laws are complicated, but your legal representation regarding your case should not be.

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