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Great outcome!

We hired Attorney Nicholas Howie to represent our underage son in an OUI charge. The process can be very intimidating and we knew we needed a knowledgeable lawyer to help us. Nick Howie was that lawyer.
Nick was not only knowledgeable about the law, and any new changes in it, but he was confident, professional and personable as well. We put our trust in him and it paid off. Our son was found with a “Not Guilty” verdict, thanks to Nick.

- (5 star review)

Miracle worker !

I had two cases which happened within three months of one another with no prior history. There were 6 charges for the first court date and attorney Howie presented an impeccable strategy, confidence, and respect to all throughout and defended them all and they disappeared with no record!

If that was not shocking enough, I was then arrested for DWI a couple months later and Atty Howie pleaded in Concord for my license return and after one month of loss of license after refusing a breathalyzer, I received my license back and won of that appeal!

We then went to court two weeks ago and presented another strategy after I had failed every sobriety test for this DWI and was just told that I have a NOT guilty on this verdict as well !

A clean record after seven charges!

To sum up my experience with atty Howie, he is very down-to-earth ,nonjudgmental ,works well with people and is always looking to do better taking his job very seriously yet always with a cool calm demeanor…. I felt very confident with this lawyer!

A miracle worker as my family would say! Thank you attorney Howie! I will forever refer you!

- (5 star review)

Not Guilty!

I hired Nick for my DUI, I was very impressed with how he handled himself in court, you could tell he does this alot. In the end the jury found me Not Guilty! Couldn’t be happier and would recommend him to anyone that is in the situation.

- (5 star review)

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