Breath / Blood Sample Testing

Getting stopped by the police under suspicion of drunken driving is not a pleasant experience. Between the assumption of guilt by the officer, the field sobriety test and the breath or blood test, even a completely sober person can become rattled. This is all intentional, and all designed to make you do things you will later regret.

Attorney Nicholas Howie understands how unsettling it can be to go through all of this scrutiny. As your DWI defense attorney, he is well versed in fighting the various forms of evidence typically presented at DWI trials. He has helped numerous clients get charges reduced and sometimes dropped altogether – all through an in-depth understanding of the DWI process.

The prosecution wants to prove that you were over the legal limit to drive – 0.08% in the state of New Hampshire. They will do use a number of things to try and achieve this goal, including the initial traffic stop, the field sobriety test and the blood or breath test. However, while all of these are potential areas for trouble in your legal battle, they are also all opportunities for a skilled attorney to turn the tide in your case.

How can Attorney Nicholas Howie help?

Attorney Howie will re-test your breath or blood sample, he works with CG Labs Inc. the premier lab in the State of New Hampshire at breath and blood sample testing. He has successfully used these second samples to convince Judges throughout the State of New Hampshire to disregard the State’s results due to the discrepancy between the two samples resulting in NOT GUILTY verdicts. Just because your breath or blood test result is high does not mean you have no defense. Call Attorney Howie today to get to work on re-testing your breath or blood sample and making that first crucial step to getting a NOT GUILTY verdict.

It is never a good idea to simply accept a DWI charge without fighting it. Contact Attorney Nicholas Howie immediately after your arrest and let us get to work mounting your defense.